Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The trouble with Internet is its boring?

Or is it? Okay, let's take a red balloon for example. If you want to see it online you have x amount of options. If you yourself is a search-engine-optimum you will go through the process of killing yourself.

Life is not about spending time on Reddit :( but somehow it is. And Wikipedia is. And wimp is. And social networking is.

I truly think we are in virtual void. Somehow those stuck in this void either enjoy this void or call it 'life'.

What do you think? Do you need a real person to communicate in life? How many times have you sat on Internet and surfed only one website out of billion sites?

[As always the response from the internet is bewildering. You people are constantly commenting on this article. I just don't know which comment I should post. Most of them are about penises and viagra. I don't know why? I just know that I'm on internet.]

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