Friday, October 19, 2012

Youtube bans Pakistan or Pakistan bans Youtube? Comments of Pakistani Youth.

"I don't know what is the case but I know this with 100% surety, to access educational material on Youtube is impossible."
- Ahmed Tariq

"I'm f'cked up with this daily bullshit really. All I want is to access a programming video on Youtube and lo and behold! I can't use Youtube anymore. I don't have access to Youtube, anymore. Its bullshit!"
- Saad Tareen Murtaza

"If PTA wants us to use proxies, VPN softwares like Hot Shield, or Tor programs then I guess we have to, considering the damage the blockade of a website can do to our studies. I think, Pakistan Government should request a special domain for themselves like Indonesian ( It will solve the issue, that's exactly what Youtube staff said to Pak Govt. if they had listened to Youtube they could've solved the issue. Actually, no one wants to solve any problem. They want to fight like children."
- Aiman Saeed

"What is the justification of the Govt. for the student community. We all know Khan Academy and many universities are now using Youtube's free hosting services to upload their videos. So, why block them for so long. Okay! Here is my solution. Make your own Youtube. Pakistan Government should make their own PakYoutube or something like that. And then be happy! PakYoutube should allow all the video of youtube and ban those people report as offensive. Isn't it enough that Youtube gives free service to the world?"
- Saima Bilal

"I've not accessed youtube for months now. Is it the way to deal with the third most popular site (according to Alexa) in the world. Youtube has become a food provider, a business venture and marketeers best friend. Its heartening to know the games of people in power falls upon the working class."
- Bilal Maqsood

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