Saturday, January 19, 2013 - Try Digital Dialects for animated learning of languages

A lot of languages. And a lot of options. I've not come across a better website in terms options given in number of languages. Though, their focus is basics of languages but they've given a lot.

I know Live Mocha is the best option to learn any language. But Live Mocha is different. Digital Dialects have Flash based animated games.

You can also complain that Memrise is, 'awesome man', I agree, but then again the format is different.

Every site is tailored to provide a certain edge over the other. I find Digital Dialects childish and easy then others because the way it is presented it doesn't make language an issue, it makes it childishly-fun-issue. Try it and then let me know.

In your comments, please let me know the word you learned from Digital Dialects or any other website. I just like the site therefore I shared.

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