Saturday, January 26, 2013 - A world beyound YouTube

Wimp is a family friendly awesome video site. Wimp gives you only 5-6 videos a day. From, basically the internet! Anywhere just like YouTube. When anything is good it becomes the common.

Wimp gives you amazing content. Simple understandable link as oppose to gibberish really, which you get after YouTube. I can bet on that. So why choose wimp? Give me other sites which are like wimp, I'll love to see those, until then wimp rules.

Here's one of the latest videos on Wimp.

Please, take this into account. YouTube is amazing, if you know the randomness YouTube bring but I'm just putting a question forward what about other sites, other sites which are oriented for all.

I really don't think that we can watch 10 million videos before we die. So why not choose the most useful sites?

Or most funny like.

What's yours?

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