Saturday, February 2, 2013

The project took 4 months.

I tried to read a technical dictionary of around 1300 words (218 pages) (let me check. Yes! I'm correct), with careful attention to everything. I made sure to read a word daily at least and mark it with any memorable memory I could create at that moment (I didn't do it for all the words) . And it was extremely hard to push it through months and months. The progress was dead slow. But finally, its done. So, what are revelations after the project.

1) It opens new doors of thinking.
2) You now are equipped with a hefty amount of jargon. You may not remember it, but you will have the confidence that you have an idea, which you have an impression of.
3) It is an arduous task--You'll feel that it takes ages, so at the end of the day its a personal achievement, more than anything else (to put it simply).
4) Finally and lastly, I recommend you do it and let me know what new feelings you'll have in you. What have in me, a feel better! I feel a little more confidence! I really feel application of anything read is the real deal.

So, that is what I've learned, when you read something somehow apply it in your real life. By application I mean, use of it: the real life of use of anything you learn like a skilled laborer.

And try to make your learning process as much fun as possible because at the end of the day all you are trying to do is making new neural connections i.e. you are trying to make your mind remember new things.

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