Friday, April 12, 2013

Making notes from: Sons and Lovers by David Herbert Lawrence (Note1)

  1. Taking about Mrs. Morel, 'She was thirty-one years old, and had been married eight years'
  2. Image search google: sweet-williams [The houses themselves were substantial and very decent. One could walk all round, seeing little front gardens with auriculas and saxifrage in the shadow of the bottom block, sweet-williams and pinks in the sunny top block]
  3. toot: Sound (a horn or similar instrument) with a short, sharp sound [Some distance away could be heard the first small braying of a merry-go-round, and the tooting of a horn.]
  4. Angry: "I want to go, I want to go," said Annie, beginning to cry.

    "Well, and you shall go, whining, wizzening little stick!" said the mother.
  5. ...fearful screeching of the cocoanut [??What is a cocoanut??] man's rattle
  6. Bookmark 1: "The front garden was a small square with a privet hedge. There she stood, trying to soothe herself with the scent of flowers and the fading, beautiful evening. Opposite her small gate was the stile that led uphill, under the tall hedge between the burning glow of the cut pastures. The sky overhead throbbed and pulsed with light. The glow sank quickly off the field; the earth and the hedges smoked dusk. As it grew dark, a ruddy glare came out on the hilltop, and out of the glare the diminished commotion of the fair." = Google Image: 'stile'.
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