Thursday, March 2, 2017

Walking in the mall: Looking for a Job

I kept thinking of ideas in my mind. Walking in the mall I felt that people are disconnected. Somehow, they are not connected with the person right in front of him/her. The reason is: gadgets.

Solution include:
a) Disabling the electronic gadgets for 30 minutes at fixed times.
b) Giving discounts to those who listen to the announcements and avoid using electronics.
c) A workshop on the importance of seeing and appreciating living human beings.
d) A 30 minutes mall routine of saying 'hi' to everyone that looks sad.
e) 30 minutes of taking random snaps?

Facebook connects people online, but it disconnects people offline. There is something missing in the e-world that shouldn't be there. The solution doesn't lie in their removal but integration in a subtler way.

Society will amalgamate technology more and more in their daily lives. Removing the gap between the gadget and the human is the move IoT (Internet of things) have made. I'm looking towards Apple, Facebook, Google, and Tesla to make gadgets that would remove that gap.

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