Wednesday, September 5, 2018


So, I have been listening to indie songs for the past two days. I forgot that once I was a big fan of indie music--pretty much anything indie from any country was my choice rather than the mainstream music. I did watch and I love Sia's new video of LSD - Thunderclouds yesterday and it was pretty good, but this song made me right this post at the moment. This song is funky and fun. It is political and moving at a special circular place, let me tell you how.

When the singer says,

Bus gol gol ghoom / Just dance in circle, in a circle

Saree raat jhoom / Dance all right

Yeh dil kay rastay hain / These are routes of the heart

Saree raat jhoom / Dance all right

Yeh tanha katain hain / These are passed alone

There are many other songs on Patari that caught my attention including Junaid Jamshed's Tum Kehti Ho. To my surprise I haven't heard that song before, and I think J. is one of those names that have one of the most best voices out there. Junaid Jamshed became popular with his song Dil Dil Pakistan, a song commonly played on independence day of Pakistan and before cricket matches especially between India and Pakistan. His voice melts in your ears like butter on hot pan. Try listening to it. His songs almost feels an original sound track of with the power to hold on itself as a solo song as well.

Lighter Machis (Lighter and Matchbox) is one of those songs that you would listen to while making a painting dreaming upon the next art debacle you are going to have. Something that will help you pass the dread in your life while waiting for more dreadful things to happen. It has the punch and power to soothe your soul as well. Lighter Machis refers to the act of lighting a cigarette and smoking.

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