Saturday, November 24, 2018

How difficult is it to start a business in Africa?

I saw a TED Talk on how difficult it is to start a business in Africa. But what I got from the video was a passionate woman telling the people in the audience, and through YouTube to the world that the problem lies within. Within their country, and with their own system. By lowering taxes for the people who want to start a business to create jobs in the economy requires an inviting government system not a corrupt one--which is the major cause of African dilemma and lack of business. 

In the Western world, businesses open up and close all the time. Small businesses, and even bigger chains test out different locations for their stores because testing is creating. What is a business in essence? a calculated risk or at times an adventurous desire. Circle K or Quickie opens up a store in a certain location after their research, if they are unable to make profits after a certain time, they'll move to a more profitable location. Financially, they are able to test the waters, and the West promotes the idea of trying--experimentation and facilitation of individuals who are willing to put their soul into businesses of all sorts even if it's another Circle K or Quickie. 

I do like her angry spirit or the show of it toward the system which has constantly failed the people and resulted in the death of countless anonymouses.

The Maes of the future create a world for us without really thinking about color and that is the future. All those people who struggle because of the land they are born in and because of their color were trying to reach an imaginary land where their hopes will breed some hope, or where food won't be a cause for concern. I do not necessarily agree with the YouTube comments where commenters take on her scolding style rather her look toward what she is trying to convey to her people, and maybe to the world as well.

She is saying, rise up and cause a change, use a pen and do something! It starts now. It reminds me of Jo Ito's video where he urges everyone to become a nowist--build quickly and improve constantly, and do it now. She wants the same change of make-it-happen-now. Her electrictifying spirit of change she projects is beautiful to watch. 

I, myself, come from a place where I heard sounds of "things" that scared the shit out of me. My abode rattled as if it was not solid. The loud bangs created terror that I had never experienced before. The question that popped in my head most of the time was: what is the most important thing I should care about? The love of an idea, love of a person, or the desire to create something--a drawing, a poem, or a tool. Many more questions lead me to believe--living with passion is the right approach to life. So without further ado go ahead watch that video, and enjoy the request made by Magatte Wade, the speaker and an entrepreneur wishing to see a social change. 

According to World Bank's 2017 list, New Zealand, Singapore, and Denmark are top 3 countries where it is the easiest to start a business. US comes at 6 and Canada at 18. Pakistan ranks 147 on the list. 

A passion to start something should not be halted by the system of people who wish to get rich quickly but they should support anyone who creates a business that's when progress will be seen and heard. Helping your own people, and helping others to create new business requires a will to see change in the world. By creating business you are sharing your passion with the world. If you are running your own plumbing business then you are definitely helping a lot of houses to run their internal ecosystem smoothly and you are as valuable as McDonalds! When governments around the world realize businesses mean better future, they will let them grow like fruitful cannabis. 

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