Tuesday, July 28, 2020

15 Questions I Asked in Order to Start my Journey Toward Becoming a Google Certified Trainer

After passing Google Certified Educator Level 1 & Level 2 exams, I was happy 😏. I believe Level 2 for me was easier than Level 1 maybe because I have been practicing as much as possible before taking the exam. Check out Teacher Center if you are preparing for the exams. It's not that I didn't know about Google tools before, it's just that I did not want to pay an extra $15 or $25 if I took the test casually and failed. Yes, the fear of wasting money and failing drove me. The training on the Teacher Center was pretty sweet. I loved Digital Citizenship and Safety Course among other topics.

COVID has hit everyone hard. I was informed as well that I would need to get my license from Ontario College Teachers college if I want to pursue my career in education. Because of uncertainty of the present condition my private school couldn't guarantee a job. So I had two choices either to pursue a Master's or Bachelor's in Education. The third choice was to pursue something different, something I truly aspire to become which is combine education, technology and teaching. That's when I saw Google Certified Educator exams. My institute paid for the first exam and I paid for the other exams (Google Certified Educator Level 2 & Google Certified Trainer Skills Assessment). (And I will be continuing my retail job where I'll be meeting people which is kind of scary because of COVID).

I must admit, I have not been blogging for a while. I do volunteer my time to help my students for moral and technological support (using google tools mainly Google docs). 

I have been asking a lot of questions and I am utterly grateful to the people who replied, some of the questions I asked are:

1) How long should my training sessions should be when I provide trainings for L1 & L2 or Google tools in general for Google Certified Trainer submission of five videos? 
Ans: 1 hour for each video.
2) Do you have any recommendation of how many trainings I should give before I apply for the position of a Trainer?
Ans: Five trainings are required at least. You can mention more, if you'd like.
3) Should I give in person or online training? 
Ans: A combination of both would be ideal. But because of COVID see what's best. 
4) Any recommendation for the software or tool I should use?
Ans: Streamyard, Google Meet, and Screencastify
5) Any tips for a new comer?
Ans: Sure, just start.
6) Can I use resources of other trainers?
Ans: Yes, you can do that (always credit the author who made the original presentation). But for the case study make sure use your own resources. 
7) Should I submit google meetings recording to google? 
Ans: No, recording is required. Only when you do submit questions for case study, you'll have to attach the material that you made.
8) Can I submit more than 5 recordings (is that a good thing)? 
Ans: Yes, you can list more than 5 recordings. 
9) Can my perspective audience be my students who are higher grades?
Ans: Right now for the GCT you are focusing on teaching trainers, so focus on how you'll help teachers using Google tools in classroom setting. You will be working with students as well later on.
10)  Do you recommend making a YT channel only for the purposes of training google tools?
Ans: Yes, yes, yes :)
11)  Should I share Google Trainer progress with others?
Ans: Yes, definitely.
12) While teaching we’ll be using google tools. In google tools (docs, slides) Tools > Explore feature allows one to use images that are not in the public domain, is it okay to use those images while training and making material? 
Ans: Yes. 
13) What tools should I start with?
Ans: Whatever you are most comfortable with and also the tools that will have the most impact on the the group of teachers you are training?
14) If I provide trainings or submit initial trainings should I charge my organization or ask for it, or should I give my initial trainings for free and build my brand?
Ans: Asking you organization is not a bad idea. Generally, where teachers work they tend to give a lot of free trainings to fellow teachers
15) What would be an ideal division of one hour training? 
Ans: Try this, but it depends on you and the audience
5 minutes introducing the topic. 
30 minutes instruction time. 
15-20 minutes teachers practice. 

The above questions are what I asked on Global GEG forum.  Thank you Belén, Luis and Kim for your answers. 

Thank you for taking the time to reading. 

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